2020 was one hell of a year! I realized it also took a toll on this site. I had a goal to post daily and that clearly failed. However, I am giving myself a break since last year was a literal nightmare with the pandemic and many other things that occurred. However, 2021 is here and I am going to complete that goal this year. I will be posting daily. There will probably be a mix of older writings along with new ones that come to my head on the daily basis. So sit back and enjoy this ride with me as we embark on the journey of 2021.


Longing for Love

Longing for romance
Found only in romantic comedies
Wanting someone near

Dreaming of sensual kisses
Setting the scene for a night of bedtime play
Candles creating the perfect ambience

Arms wrapped tightly around me
The scent of him intoxicating
My senses in ecstasy

Your body against mine
Feeling like home
There is no place I’d rather be

Fighting for the blanket
Slyly cuddling closer next to you
Falling into our shared dream land

Not wanting to fall asleep
Cherishing every moment with you
Lost in our reality

Stealing kisses from your plump lips
Running my fingers up and down your spine
As you are holding me tight

Talking through the night
No subject off limits
Your voice piercing my ears sensually

Lying next to you
Starring in your eyes
Seeing into your energy

Not wanting to part
Finding every excuse not to move
Dreading that this chance won’t come again

A kiss goodbye I no longer want
I long for the see you later moments
Knowing my search is over

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
7 February 2020


Year in Review

In a year of total dismay
There were glimmering signs of hope
People who walked into my life I never thought I would meet
People who walked away I was glad to see leave

In a year full of hopelessness
I found a way to thrive
A way to survive
A way to grow stronger

Stuck in a room with only four walls
While the world crumbled outside
I found peace and comfort in myself
For the first time I felt myself becoming whole

Gaining enlightenment, I had lost touch with
I garnered the strength I had been building for years
Finally putting in the work and letting go of the fears
That had been holding me back

A year full of tragedy
Turned into a year of strength and personal growth
Letting go of toxicity and moving forward
A year that in the end wasn’t all bad

©Writing the Rose
30 December 2020


Seoul Nights

Walking the streets alone
Rain pouring down from the night sky above
Tears falling from her rosy cheeks
Rain and tears dance in combination
As they run down her soaked clothes

Wandering alone she wonders why she is here
Nothing but pain is echoing in her head
Feeling more alone than ever
The stares of people passing by is more than she can bare

She wants to scream
She wants to hide
She wants to run to the one who will comfort her
But there is no one
So, she continues down this road alone and cold
Hoping to find her bright light that will save her from this loneliness

Fate dealt her a hard card to deal with
One that causes her great suffering every day
She clings to the hope that one day
Destiny will bring her the happiness she so desires

Cold wind sends chills down her spine
Causing her heart to gasp
This feeling is all too familiar to her
It is always repeated when she falls into another’s trap

She ponders why it is so hard to meet one
Just one person who will make her feels some worth
She knows her value is torn
Due to the baggage, she carries from the card she was dealt

During the day she tries to wear a brave smile
And pretend to experience happiness
However, inside her heart is dying
She has never felt so alone and broken

With nowhere to go and no one to go to
She walks around in circles
The sad songs echoing through her ears are her lullaby
To keep walking and hope that one day this will all change

However, the tears keep falling and the rain is picking up
People stare in despair and disgust
The whispering in an unfamiliar language
She knows what they are saying because it is always the same thing
No matter what language it is spoken in

Every night is the same old scenario
If she isn’t walking the streets of Seoul
She is walking the streets of her mind
Which are as dreary as the rainy night she is enduring currently

So, as the tears fall, and the rain engulfs the city
She thinks to herself when it will be her time
To be like all the happy couples that flood the streets at night
She often daydreams about what it would be like
For now, however, she continues her walk
Since she knows her fate has been etched in stone
And that her wants and fate will never match up

Rain glistens under all the lights
Tears pour down porcelain cheeks
People stare as she walks by
This is just another typical night in Seoul

©Writing the Rose
14 December 2012