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Unanswered calls
One-word texts
Time fading away
Signals pointing to other women

Smiles becoming seldom
Accusations flying
Perfume smells unfamiliar
Lip stick stains appear

Possession diminishing
Freedom increases
Security flailing
His eyes turning

Looking at someone else
It is nothing
Her jealousy overwhelming
Turning innocent smiles into affairs

He feels suffocated
She is going crazy
Jealousy is destroying them
She is letting it be this way

She can’t quiet her mind
Going slowly insane
Both of them agreeing
With this jealousy it is best to walk away

©Writing the Rose
25 August 2018

poetry, Relationships


I feel myself slipping down into the web of this digital land
I can barely recognize myself anymore and feel so out of control
I can’t seem to stop falling further and further into this black hole
I have to leave before I can no longer escape

My mind becoming a darker place, conversations taking me back to bad memories
Judgment swirling and pressure to fit in growing immensely
I can’t spend my days staring at this screen trying to keep up
With today’s latest soap opera or roasting scene

This place was supposed to be an escape
Somewhere to kill time when I was bored or couldn’t sleep
Now it is something stronger than that
It has become a force unseen

Tearing into my self-esteem and confidence I am growing tired
Feeling worse about myself with each sentence I read and send
I need to run away before I fall into the prey of this scheme
I am better than this nonsense

I don’t need people’s approval to know who I am or what I deserve
I don’t need constant judgment and teasing to try and get me to cave in
I have spent far too many years becoming a better person
To be dragged back down into my pits of darkness by a group of people I will never meet

Banter and playful conversations used to disguise your true intentions
To gain information to use against me later
Nothing I say is safe, nothing I post remains in its place
Pictures being stolen and posted for others without my knowledge, all of this driving me away

So, I am logging off and walking away
I need to find a place that makes me happy again
A place where I can be productive and have fun at the same time
This place is not it because it is taking me to feel like I am at my last line

I am saying goodbye to all the drama and the lies
The judgement I can feel it in your eyes
I need to go back to crushing my goals in life
Instead of sitting on this website looking at digital lies


©Writing the Rose
4 September 2019
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Valentine’s Day is just another day

A day of love. Yet shouldn’t everyday be a day of love?  Do we really need a holiday to prove we care for another person? Is that how shallow our society has truly become?

Valentine’s Day the one time of the year people in relationships love because they think their partner will shower them with gifts. The holiday is catered to those in relationships. It is also the day that corporate American reminds single people how much they fail for not being in a relationship. However, if you really take a look at what this holiday has become, it is really just a sham. I mean why on one day of the year should you expect your partner to be going above and beyond to show you how they feel. This should be happening on a regular occurrence, and Valentine’s Day should just be another day. It is a day of love but why is it only focused on the love of couples?  Why can’t this just be a day of love for all? Who cares if you are single, maybe you enjoy not having to deal with the struggles of a relationship or maybe you just don’t have time.

Being single is not a bad thing, nor is being in a relationship. However, I have seen way too many people use Valentines Day as a way to go overboard to prove they really care for their partner. Yet when February 15th rolls around, the fights start again, and they question why they are still together. I always believed the ones that got the most on this day, were always overcompensating for something wrong in the relationship, or something they have done. I can’t count the amount of times, a girl comes crying a week after getting a huge display, having just found out her boyfriend has been cheating for months. Corporate greed has made us believe the more we spend, the more our partner will love us. This is farther from the truth. Stop fretting if your significant other doesn’t go all out or forgets. The holiday is overrated anyway.

All over social media you see people either bragging or complaining about how their life sucks. Singles feel left out, and restaurants make deals for single people. I am not sure my take on this because I don’t want pity for being single. I mean a discount is nice, but do I really want to go to restaurant and say I am single, so give me a discount today. Forget that. Do I want to go to a bar and wait for another lonely guy to take me home to fill our void together? No! You don’t have to be with someone to feel complete. You should be enough for yourself. Wait until you find the person that will treat every day like Valentine’s and not wait for the calendar to tell him or her to celebrate and appreciate you.

So often we are made to feel incomplete if we are not in a relationship and this is no more present than on Valentine’s Day. However, it will also make you question your own relationship. I always advise staying away from social media on this day. Don’t compare your relationship and your gifts or activities to others. Everyone is different. Some put more importance on the time spent together than on the money drained from their account. I would much rather have a guy spend an uninterrupted evening with me with no distractions, meaning turning our phones off and having a real conversation, than being showered with superficial gifts. Though we have become a superficial society, so I can understand why some feel compelled to go all out. I won’t hop on that train though. A home cooked dinner, candles, wine and some good music will always beat a fancy 5-star restaurant. Plus, who really wants to fight to get reservations? Too much stress.

Does one day really make a difference? Does buying a gift make your relationship last longer? Does this day make up for the rest of the year? No, is the answer. If you say yes, you are just deluding yourself because one day does not make up for every other day. Can you make it a day of a fresh start, of course! Just don’t use Valentine’s Day as a way to try and make up for all the bad things that have occurred. A holiday cannot replace those memories or actions taken. Sure, you can go spend a lot of money and shower someone with a falsehood of security, but if it is only done on this day, that façade will disappear quickly. Use today as just another day to appreciate all of those around that you love. If you are single, get together will your other single friends and celebrate your freedom to go out and do whatever you like on this day catered to lovers. If you are in a relationship, celebrate in the way that works for you and your partner. Forget the hallmark cards and lifetime movies. Only you know what your partner likes, and if you don’t, well that is a whole other subject. What I am trying to say is don’t put pressure on yourself to match what has been ingrained in our brains since elementary school. Enjoy your day and at the end of the day, it really is just another day in the scheme of life. Don’t waste your time worrying about 24 hours and just do what works for you.


©Writing the Rose


14 February 2019

poetry, Relationships


Looking out into the world

Exploring new senses

She is lost in her mind


Everything around her fades

All she can see

Is who is standing in front of her


Her eyes can’t turn

She can’t explain the feeling

Taking over her being


Her body trembles

To sound of his voice

Her eyes fall to the ground

To avoid his soul stealing gaze


She is entranced

She can’t escape

She has no idea how she got here

She just doesn’t want to leave


She is frozen

She approaches him

Reaching her hand to touch him

She feels nothing but air


He disappears in front of her

The punishment she deserves

Is cruel enough

For her actions bestowed upon him


Emerging from her dreams

Her heart still sinking

The pain almost too great in reality

She prefers the wandering of her dreams




©Writing the Rose


25 August 2018