Waves crashing
Ocean breeze
Seagulls squawking
Sand on my knees

Clean air
Not a care
Lost in the scene
Feeling serene

Sunlight dancing on the water
Dolphins jumping above the surface
Warmth pouring down on me
Getting lost in this tranquil dream

Stress melting away
Mind and body healing
Entering a trance
Unable to change my physical stance

The vastness of the sea
Drawing me in to a new reality
I feel like I am watching myself
My conscious observing my human form

Feeling at one with nature
Never wanting to leave her side
Feeling connected to the earth
My soul locked in this spiritual gaze

Forgetting all the negativity I stay still
Time and space no longer matter
This experience too precious to release
Allowing myself to stay here forever

Sunlight turning to sunset
Purples and yellow dance on the clear blue ocean
Waves hitting my feet awakening me
Glancing around I wonder if it was just a dream

The calm experienced was amazing
Wanting to return back to that state
Staring into the vastness of the ocean
Melting all the stresses and worry away from me

©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019


The Room

Drama and the lies
Is anyone real in this place?
It all feels like a game
To prove who is the most desperate

Sexy pictures posted at the mere mention
Where is your self-respect?
Throwing yourself at anyone who gives you the time of day
Your standards going out the window

At their beck and call
You are losing yourself
Why don’t you step outside?
Enjoy the real world

These people will not be there for you like you think
They are just deceiving you to obtain their wants
Preying on your insecurity and weaknesses
Ones you gave them as weapons against you when you trusted them

They have been holding onto them
Waiting for just the right moment to pull them out of their arsenal
You won’t see it coming when it happens
It will be most unexpected

Be careful with the words you say
They are reading them everyday
Using them against you
Making fun of you in secret

Watch out putting your thirst on display
Others will take advantage of your willingness to please
They will become greedy if you give in to them
Demanding more and more from you becoming insatiable

Take time away from here
There is more to life than a computer screen
Get out and enjoy yourself
Don’t let this be the soul sucker that changes you

Stop being so nice to everyone
Not all have your best interest at heart
Most are looking out for themselves
Not concerned about your feelings at all

Be smarter when in this room
The line between enemies and friends has not been drawn clear
Your moments of loneliness has proven that
When you reach out to the wrong person, the one who has no shame taking you down
Be better at deciphering between fantasy and reality
Only then will you heal have the courage to leave
This room that is killing your self-esteem deficit

©Writing the Rose
6 September 2019

poetry, Relationships


Unanswered calls
One-word texts
Time fading away
Signals pointing to other women

Smiles becoming seldom
Accusations flying
Perfume smells unfamiliar
Lip stick stains appear

Possession diminishing
Freedom increases
Security flailing
His eyes turning

Looking at someone else
It is nothing
Her jealousy overwhelming
Turning innocent smiles into affairs

He feels suffocated
She is going crazy
Jealousy is destroying them
She is letting it be this way

She can’t quiet her mind
Going slowly insane
Both of them agreeing
With this jealousy it is best to walk away

©Writing the Rose
25 August 2018



Open fields of life filling the void
Vast mountains giving us scenery for miles
During this road I am surrounded
By the beauty of the place I call home

Sunsets that engulf us with shades of amber and violet
Puffy white cotton ball clouds fill the sky on the clearest day
Wind bringing the breeze that literally blows you away
All of these images that can be seen in a day

Looking out my window and watching the sunrise
I feel lucky to be able to experience this every day
When the night falls and everything goes black
The noises of animals and crickets is all that is left

Nights full of silence, you won’t find gunshots here
The quiet is almost boring and I sometimes long for the excitement the city brings
The bright lights and the sirens on every street
However, I don’t miss the surplus of crimes scenes

So, while this place may drive me crazy
The lack of culture and adventure
I can sill appreciate the quiet it possesses
Even if I feel stuck like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
Just wanting to go home wherever that may be

©Writing the Rose
28 August 2019


Internet Troll

Does it make you feel better to tear me down
Do you feel a sense of power when you do that
Your words that mean nothing to me
Your opinions that have no weight on me

You really think I would let some internet trolls try and bring me down
You all act like you know me
Yet none of you have even tried to break through my barriers
I am not an idiot, you didn’t get a real version

I am too guarded to be open with a lot of people
The joke is on those who believed every word that was said
I am not going to unload the truth of my life on strangers
For them to try and use the information against me later

I protect myself better than that
So, say what you want and try to tear me down
You only know one version of me that is not even the real me
That me is saved for the lucky few I let in

So, spew your venoms in the other room
Call me names and try to decipher how I really am
It is so much easier than actually investing the time in people
So, keep on with your game

Your comments are actually hilarious
Considering the factuality makes no sense
The life I lead so busy
I wish I had the time for all the things you allege I do

Get over yourselves please and take a look in the mirror
If your self confidence is so low you have to pick me apart
You need to take a good look and work on yourself
I hope one day you get back to happiness, so you no longer have to cut others down for fun anymore
©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019



Attempting to expand my poetry horizon, haikus have always been my weakness due to syllable limitation. So here is my first attempt diving head first into the genre of haikus.


Waves crashing ashore
Breathing in the beauty
Feeling inner peace

©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019


Death of Lovers

Music chimes as time goes by
All the people cheer at the sheer thrill of being alive
They can’t look past the fact that she died
She took her own life

She was their queen
She was their everything
She had to leave
Only she knew why

As the carriage ran past
The one she loved held fast
He ran with her there
Until it was almost unfair

He pulled out the bottle
Slowly he took the last sip
Of the elixir he made to put him and his dear love
Back together again

No one saw him
As he took his position
They all just stared at the coffin being passed down the streets
Far past the hour of heat

They all screamed and fainted
While he sat there tainted
They all wanted to turn back time
When he sat waiting for his ride

The ghost of death had been placed over their town
They all just looked away
They lost their princess
They never thought about their prince

The clock struck the hour
His time was up
Whatever he wanted to say
Was never heard
He walked up to her coffin and opened it
He took out her hand and grasped it
As he gasped and took his last breath

They all just gasped and screamed
What a fiend
As the prince fell down onto the ground
That later became his grave

They stopped then to glance around
At the prince who had stood his ground
He died of heartbreak they would all say
Why he really died laid within his eyes

©Writing the Rose
11 October 2002