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Cruel Reality

Put the dagger in my heart and twist

Let the blood and pain flow over the blade

For this fate is much sweeter

Than this cruel reality


©Writing the Rose


16 July 2020


Waiting Game

Saturday night, she stared out the window
Jealous of those fully enjoying their lives
Feeling a wave of sadness overtake her
Wishing life had dealt her better cards

A home life, most would go insane
Holding up this fragile house of cards
Slowing losing touch of reality
She falls faster into the depths of her mind

Missing human companionship, she longs for her chance
To experience love, if given the chance
Something unconditional that has long been kept away
The key thrown away decades ago

Seemingly pathetic to those around
Completely misunderstood by the outside world
Nowhere is safer than in her bubble
Hidden away from the criticism of the real world

Afraid to trust anyone
Too many bad experiences under her belt
She cannot handle any more
Feeling she will not be able to protect herself much longer

She ignores the stares and whispers
Knowing the awesomeness, she possesses
Even if no one believes or sees it
She is an indestructible force, no one can break

Her story will end in success
Once the fear is stripped away, nothing but greatness awaits
Those nights of enjoyment will soon be hers
Once fate decides it is her time

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
22 February 2020



I’m not meant to be loved
I was designed to be abused
Used as your toy
In this game of life

Standing tall by myself
The world will never allow
I am breaking my design
Fatal error recovery protocol engaged

I was made to be a product of your anger
Designed to be a failure you can control
Your grasp never letting me go
No matter how hard I’ve tried to break free

The shackles you placed still holding me steady in place
The chains growing tighter with each attempt of escape
Blood and skin that have detached wrap around the steel
Bones and muscle only left exposed on my ankles

Designed to be your prisoner
Life with no chance of parole is my sentence
Watching life pass me by while locked in one place
The abuse I endure only getting greater by the day

I no longer know what it is like to be on the outside
What is life outside of this torment
Does the sun still rise, and the sun still set
Or does blood pour from darkened skies

Are rivers and lakes still blue
Or are they littered with the bodies and blood of those lives you have taken
Can birds still sing in the mornings
Or have you erased all sense of time for everyone in society

Years and days pass like the hours ticking on a clock
Blood pouring out of my self-inflicted wounds in attempts to escape from you
Unsure if freedom exists anymore I want to leave this world
For my death is the only way I will be free from your grasp

©Writing the Rose

©Sarah Do


15 March 2020



Waves crashing
Ocean breeze
Seagulls squawking
Sand on my knees

Clean air
Not a care
Lost in the scene
Feeling serene

Sunlight dancing on the water
Dolphins jumping above the surface
Warmth pouring down on me
Getting lost in this tranquil dream

Stress melting away
Mind and body healing
Entering a trance
Unable to change my physical stance

The vastness of the sea
Drawing me in to a new reality
I feel like I am watching myself
My conscious observing my human form

Feeling at one with nature
Never wanting to leave her side
Feeling connected to the earth
My soul locked in this spiritual gaze

Forgetting all the negativity I stay still
Time and space no longer matter
This experience too precious to release
Allowing myself to stay here forever

Sunlight turning to sunset
Purples and yellow dance on the clear blue ocean
Waves hitting my feet awakening me
Glancing around I wonder if it was just a dream

The calm experienced was amazing
Wanting to return back to that state
Staring into the vastness of the ocean
Melting all the stresses and worry away from me

©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019


The Room

Drama and the lies
Is anyone real in this place?
It all feels like a game
To prove who is the most desperate

Sexy pictures posted at the mere mention
Where is your self-respect?
Throwing yourself at anyone who gives you the time of day
Your standards going out the window

At their beck and call
You are losing yourself
Why don’t you step outside?
Enjoy the real world

These people will not be there for you like you think
They are just deceiving you to obtain their wants
Preying on your insecurity and weaknesses
Ones you gave them as weapons against you when you trusted them

They have been holding onto them
Waiting for just the right moment to pull them out of their arsenal
You won’t see it coming when it happens
It will be most unexpected

Be careful with the words you say
They are reading them everyday
Using them against you
Making fun of you in secret

Watch out putting your thirst on display
Others will take advantage of your willingness to please
They will become greedy if you give in to them
Demanding more and more from you becoming insatiable

Take time away from here
There is more to life than a computer screen
Get out and enjoy yourself
Don’t let this be the soul sucker that changes you

Stop being so nice to everyone
Not all have your best interest at heart
Most are looking out for themselves
Not concerned about your feelings at all

Be smarter when in this room
The line between enemies and friends has not been drawn clear
Your moments of loneliness has proven that
When you reach out to the wrong person, the one who has no shame taking you down
Be better at deciphering between fantasy and reality
Only then will you heal have the courage to leave
This room that is killing your self-esteem deficit

©Writing the Rose
6 September 2019