Nothing comes easy (2021)

Love wasn’t meant to be easy
It was meant to challenge you
To make you grow
To make you see your potential
It reflects who you are meant to be
What you are to achieve
Achieving anything is never easy
So why would love be

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
2 February 2021


Childhood Memories (2020)

Childhood memories sitting on the shelf
Put away like everything else
Fading away like the sand in an hourglass

Thinking about better days
When life was so easy and stress free
Dreaming of the freedom I once owned

Laughing and crying at a moment’s notice
Living each day not knowing what the next held
So carefree and naïve

Schoolyard friends moving away was the most trauma
Most of us experienced during those days
Not anticipating the tragedies that lay ahead

Riding our bikes around the neighborhood
Trying to extend our playing time
Counting down the days until summer break

We were so young and free
Nothing bothered us then
Building the memories that would shape our lives

Not knowing we would look back in awe of these days
Wanting to grow up fast to obtain more freedom
Unaware of the sacrifices that came with that responsibility

Now they are just pictures in frames
That we can glance at when we have a moment
Remembering all the fun we had when life was still carefree and fun

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
7 February 2020


Could it be (2021)

Is this an illusion?
A cruel mirage
Painted by enemies
Waiting for me to fail

Is it finally my time?
When I get the one I need
The person who will finally help me see the light
Or am I just getting my hopes up again

Am I finally allowed to love freely
Not having to worry if someone will be there to catch me
Can I finally breathe a sigh of relief
Or should I stand on guard

Will this person finally be mine
Or should I prepare for their untimely exit
When there seems to be no catch
Except my anxiety reminding me of all the previous experiences

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
19 January 2021


What is the ending (2020)

Tired of the endless carousel of pain
Waiting for this ride to end so I can escape
Running free from the shackles of you
The executioner always trying to decide my fate

I scream louder in this cage I’m kept in
They key lost long ago
Symbolizing the sanity, I once had known
Longing for an escape that taunts me in what is left of my mind

Will the ride ever end?
Will the cage ever open?
Will my fate ever be returned to me?
Or am I sentenced to suffer at the hands of you?

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
16 July 2020