The darkest days

Bringing the brightest nights

Full of laughter and drunken escape

An illusion of happiness they never obtain


©Writing the Rose


16 July 2020



Souls colliding in an empty space

Magnetically drawn to one another

Speaking the same language of past pain and torment

Locked in each other’s gaze almost as if the stars aligned this meeting


©Writing the Rose


16 July 2020


Waiting Game

Saturday night, she stared out the window
Jealous of those fully enjoying their lives
Feeling a wave of sadness overtake her
Wishing life had dealt her better cards

A home life, most would go insane
Holding up this fragile house of cards
Slowing losing touch of reality
She falls faster into the depths of her mind

Missing human companionship, she longs for her chance
To experience love, if given the chance
Something unconditional that has long been kept away
The key thrown away decades ago

Seemingly pathetic to those around
Completely misunderstood by the outside world
Nowhere is safer than in her bubble
Hidden away from the criticism of the real world

Afraid to trust anyone
Too many bad experiences under her belt
She cannot handle any more
Feeling she will not be able to protect herself much longer

She ignores the stares and whispers
Knowing the awesomeness, she possesses
Even if no one believes or sees it
She is an indestructible force, no one can break

Her story will end in success
Once the fear is stripped away, nothing but greatness awaits
Those nights of enjoyment will soon be hers
Once fate decides it is her time

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
22 February 2020