Hard to Leave

Choking back tears
As the time slowly unwinds
A connection so serene
I don’t want to waste time

Holding back even when we both know it is right
That this is different
There is no need to worry
The planets have aligned

When leaving is harder than coming
Wanting nothing more than to freeze time
To stay in this state together
Wrapped in the comfort of our safety with one another

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
17 January 2021


History Repeats Itself

Remembering a better time
When days were full of smiles
Not the worry aging everyone’s face

Where a trip to the store
Wasn’t a matter of life or death
Just an everyday errand we took for granted

Having the freedom to come and go
Now restricted to our homes
In order to flatten the curve

Leaders lies and politics easily ignored
Now the fallacies are ending lives
Division of the country on full display

Self-absorbed and greed amplified
Turning against one another at a crucial time
Unity nowhere to be found

Fake news shouted out like a broken record
Doctors begging for people to listen
We are writing the story of our own self destruction

History books will warn of lessons
We didn’t remember from the past
Hoping future generations won’t make the same mistakes, our ending coming fast

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
26 March 2020



Expletives thrown around
Bombs in your game of war
Threats and intimidation
Always the same game

It is the rerun of the series
That was cancelled years ago
Like an unwilling actor
Refusing to give up their role

Controlling the devices
Determined to make me pay
Rolling my eyes once more
I walk away

A chapter ended
Another began
Not sure why this same song different day
Is still at play

Are you waiting for my surrender
There is nothing left you are owed
Take your defeat with dignity
Before karma finally arrives

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
11 December 2020


The Darkness

Her darkness walks in front of her
Yelling at her to fall in line
Reprimanded if her glance turns to the positivity fading in the distance
The darkness wrapping itself around her neck stealing the breath from her lungs

Suffocating she falls to her knees and gives in
Obeying the order of the darkness who has taken care of her soul all her life
Reminded it is never okay to disobey those that have carried her through
Dragging her to her feet, the darkness letting out a ghostly howl that chills her to the spine

The weight of the world feeling heavy and falling back on her shoulders once again
The sick grin that wipes over the darkness’ face as he takes pleasure in her suffering
She fooled herself for so long there was an escape, knowing damn well it was all a lie
That escaping this fate isn’t allowed in her cards of suffering and pain

Every step taken bringing more sorrow and blood to the surface
Her pain now on full display as she walks toward her fate
The one he has been planning since day one
The one he told her was the only escape

The fate so cruel but yet less cruel than staying alive in the world he created
Watching the ones, she cared about fall into his arms
The scenes of their suicides still play in her mind as she takes a step closer to the noose he has secured
The one that takes her to the final fate he has planned

Where he can control her life not only in this realm but in the next as well
An escape will never be possible as this darkness has a stronghold so tight, he will never ever let her be free
As she takes her last breath before the noose breaks her neck
The last thing she hears is that ghostly laugh that has tormented her for so long

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
15 March 2020