Life is Short (2020)

Make it worth your time
Don’t let someone waste it
Be productive on the things you want
Never stopping your grind until you hit the top

Pour blood sweat and tears into everything
Leaving no regrets behind
Only one shot at this life
Better make it worth your while

Forget the haters
Do your own thing
They are the ones who will be crying
When you reach the top

Keeping your eyes moving forward
Don’t let the small failures along the way bring you down
Every failure is a step closer to success
You will get there in no time

Your success is in front of you
Don’t give up now
Keep pushing
Even when you feel like you have nothing left

Life is short
Make the most of what you want
Achieve those goals
Block those that doubt you

Whatever it is you want to achieve
Put your best foot forward and go get it
Your time on this earth may be up
Quicker than you know

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
6 February 2020


Drowning (2021)

Drowning in the ocean
No life raft to be found
Lungs burning from the salt

No need to flail arms
Accepting this planned fate
It was the ending prescribed

No more tears
Or hiding the truth from others
Freedom you always wanted finally achieved

The body floats to the bottom
No air left in the lungs
No light left in the fight

The dark abyss with arms wide open
Enveloping the body with warmth
Pain now a thing of the past

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
21 January 2021


Guarded Life (2020)

Let your guard down they say
As these people run away
Unable to handle the darkness in my mind
I keep tightly hidden behind lock and key

The horrors that run through my mind
Are unbearable for most of society
They will never have to experience the torment
My mind puts me through on a daily basis

Happiness such a foreign concept
French and Korean are more comprehended than love
Having to fake understanding to those that are fluent
Exhausts my soul to its core

Holding back can be exhausting
Yet it keeps the image that I am functioning as a human intact
Keeping others from being worried or alarmed
Life is all about keeping up appearances

Walking mindlessly through the day
Pretending everything is okay
While slowly dying inside
My mind and thoughts driving me insane

People would continue to run
If I dare show my true self everyday
The fear of rejection projected to my face
The robotic look automatically turning to a frown

Hoards asking if I am okay
Is too much for my social anxiety to bear
Sitting here closed off in my corner
I have become immune to your stares

Guarded is how I will stay
As it is best for everyone
At the end of the day
If you want me to stay, then this is the only way

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
15 March 2020


Final Stake (2020)

Screaming internally as the walls around enclose
Trapping me in a pit of deception and lies
Clawing my way out
As I try to find any way to survive

The dark abyss of my mind clenching tighter
Squeezing out any beam of light
Determined to make me surrender
Driving the final stake into the coffin of my life

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
19 December 2020



2020 was one hell of a year! I realized it also took a toll on this site. I had a goal to post daily and that clearly failed. However, I am giving myself a break since last year was a literal nightmare with the pandemic and many other things that occurred. However, 2021 is here and I am going to complete that goal this year. I will be posting daily. There will probably be a mix of older writings along with new ones that come to my head on the daily basis. So sit back and enjoy this ride with me as we embark on the journey of 2021.