Consuming Thoughts


Thoughts of you

Consuming me all day long

The thought of your touch

Driving me wild


Thinking of everything

I want to do to you

Waiting for the day

To make it happen


Consumed in my attraction

Everything about you

Draws me to you

I want you and only you


Thinking of being in your embrace

Smile spreading across my face

To feel your warm and strength

Keeping me safe while we are together


Thoughts of your smile

The sound of your voice

Makes me happy

Even on the darkest day


Thinking of you so much

You find your way into my dreams

Creating fantasy sequences

Leaving me wanting you more


These constant thoughts

Welcome yet overwhelming

Desire and passion building

I wouldn’t have it any other way


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

25 July 2018



Kiss my lips

Pull me closer

I want to succumb

To your touch


Breathing you in

Your scent

Overtaking my willpower

I fall into you


Call my name

Your voice

Drowns out everything else

Making me crazy for you


Tasting your skin

Feels my body with desire

Making it harder to resist

The urge building inside me


Your smile

Increasing my attraction

Driving me wild

Making me want to never leave this place



©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

25 July 2018



His voice

Husky and seductive

Touching my soul

With every word coming out of his lips


His smile

Sending me into overdrive

His quirkiness

Always shining through


His sneaky glances

Catching me by surprise

His goofy expressions

Filling me with joy


His seduction

Making me want him more

Playing hard to get

He knows is driving me wild


The look he gives me

That is almost hypnotic

I follow his every command

Without hesitation


His whole being

Putting me in a trance

I can only hope

He will never wake me from


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018



You tried to ruin me

Make me feel you

Are the best I could have


You are seriously delusional

I woke up from the nightmare

That was you


I will no longer accept

Bruises or flying fists as normal

I know my worth


I won’t accept venom

Lies disguised as love

I will never accept anyone like you


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018



Lie to me

See if I care

Watch me quickly

As I walk away


Your deception

Will no longer be tolerated

Please find the nearest exit

Walk out the door


Try and burn me

See who will be left

With battle wounds

Scars unable to heal


I am an adversary

You do not want to take on

Be weary

To cross the path of the cold-hearted


I will make you regret

The day you decided

To try and control me

Your day is coming


Watch your back

Like I had to watch mine for years

Karma is a bitch

Headed straight for you


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018


Hold on

Beautiful girl crying in the corner

Please know it gets better

Please don’t let their cruel words

Ruin your day


This time is temporary

Please find the strength to turn away

Don’t make a mistake you can’t take back

You are loved even if your depression tells you otherwise


Handsome boy rejected for the hundredth time

Please don’t let their blindness

Keep you from seeing your importance

Don’t let rejection be what pushes you over the edge


Keep your head up and keep going

Someone will value your worth

They will be worth the wait

I promise you that


Those who don’t fit in

Please hold on during this turbulent ride

Life is full of ups and downs

Let this be a learning experience


Hold on tight

Look to each other for comfort

You can make it through

High school only last four years

Please don’t let it be the reason

We lose you for the years to come


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018


Untitled for now

Bombs exploding

Children dying

Ignore reality

Change the channel


Live in your privilege

Don’t help those

Who need it the most

Turn a blind eye


History will repeat itself

Be careful what you ignore

It might just come knocking

At your door


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018