Days tick by

You’re still not next to me

I long to hold you

I long to smell your scent


I want you arms wrapped around me

I want to feel safe with you

Kissing those lips

That tease me daily


Listening to your voice

Exposing your inner thoughts and desires

Learning more about you

While getting lost in your eyes


Feeling your heart beat

Sync up to mine

My head on your chest

Our fingers intertwined


Constant smiles

Small giggles

Cracking jokes

Only the two of us will understand


Running my hands through your hair

As we kiss passionately

Ignoring time as a whole

Absorbed by one another


I long for the days

These images come out of my head

I long for the day

These images become reality


Every thought of you

Feels like déjà vu

I will continue

To wait for the day

They come true


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018


Letting You In

If you could see everything

That goes on behind

These piercing green eyes

Would you like me more or run scared?


Would the thoughts swirling

Be too much for you to take

Would my thoughts of you scare you

Or draw you closer


You say you wish

You could be inside my mind

However, what you don’t know

You are always in my mind


The thoughts of you

Driving me crazy

Afraid to let you in

For fear of being too vulnerable


The look in my eyes

When I see you

Should show you what goes on in my head

When I am talking with you


My mind can be almost too much

I want to let you in

I don’t want to scare you away

So forgive me if I keep you locked out for awhile

I want to let you in

I want you to see what makes me tick

I want to share this mind of mine

With you


I want you to stare

Into my entrancing emerald eyes

Seeing my soul lying beneath

Allowing myself to be vulnerable to you


My soul exposed

Allowing you to see everything about me

The good, bad, beautiful, and ugly

Giving over full control to you


Allowing you to decide

Whether you stay or run

Finally letting you

In my mind like you desire


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018




Fall Into Me

Fall into me

Give me all your worry

Let me take your pain away


Tell me your secrets

I will be your safe

Lay your burdens down


Unleash your inner thoughts

I will never judge

Let me see the real you


Give me your fears

I will turn them into strengths

We can conquer anything together


Close your eyes

Let me be your guide

Through this life


Show me your tears

What makes you hurt

I will take it all away


Give me your embrace

I will make you feel safe

With me in your arms


Take my hand

We will walk this path together

Keeping each other safe


Give me your all

I will do the same

Unleash our vulnerability to one another


Give me your smile

I’ll keep any pain away

Protecting you from the obscene


Give me your heart

I will show you a love like never before

The one you have been longing for


Give me all of you

I will give you all of me

Together fulfilling a destiny


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018





I love you

Mixed with goodbyes

You never cared

The whole thing was a lie


Telling me one thing

While doing another

Finding the emails

And trails of lies


Constantly messaging girls

Trying to find your upgrade

Why string me along

For the ride


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

22 July 2018



I want to be with you

The only one you see

I want to be yours

I want you to be mine


The one you call

When you have had a rough day

The one you turn to

When things are going array


I want to be the one

Who is on your mind

Day and night

Making you smile and driving you wild


I want to be the one

You can’t wait to see

That one simple text

Makes your day better


I want to be the one

That makes you smile

Being the light

During the dark times


I want to be the one

Who appreciates and loves you

Never letting you go a day

Not knowing your worth

I want to be the one

Who is your strength

When you are feeling weak

Like you can’t continue


I want to be the one

That makes up for what you lack

Making us unstoppable

When we are together


I want to be the one

You can always rely on

Telling all your darkest secrets

You are scared to share


I want to be the one

The one you let in your heart

I want to be yours

And only yours


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do


Gone Forever

Gone Forever


You lost the fight

Let me leave the ring

You mean nothing to me

Go find your new victim


Left you

Never going back

You disgust me

Fuck off


I’m a woman

I don’t have time for childish games

Take your immaturity

Let me walk away


Say goodbye

Never to speak again

I’ve found better

I’m gone forever


©Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

poetry, Relationships


Looking out into the world

Exploring new senses

She is lost in her mind


Everything around her fades

All she can see

Is who is standing in front of her


Her eyes can’t turn

She can’t explain the feeling

Taking over her being


Her body trembles

To sound of his voice

Her eyes fall to the ground

To avoid his soul stealing gaze


She is entranced

She can’t escape

She has no idea how she got here

She just doesn’t want to leave


She is frozen

She approaches him

Reaching her hand to touch him

She feels nothing but air


He disappears in front of her

The punishment she deserves

Is cruel enough

For her actions bestowed upon him


Emerging from her dreams

Her heart still sinking

The pain almost too great in reality

She prefers the wandering of her dreams



© Writing the Rose

Sarah Do

25 August 2018