Childhood Memories (2020)

Childhood memories sitting on the shelf
Put away like everything else
Fading away like the sand in an hourglass

Thinking about better days
When life was so easy and stress free
Dreaming of the freedom I once owned

Laughing and crying at a moment’s notice
Living each day not knowing what the next held
So carefree and naïve

Schoolyard friends moving away was the most trauma
Most of us experienced during those days
Not anticipating the tragedies that lay ahead

Riding our bikes around the neighborhood
Trying to extend our playing time
Counting down the days until summer break

We were so young and free
Nothing bothered us then
Building the memories that would shape our lives

Not knowing we would look back in awe of these days
Wanting to grow up fast to obtain more freedom
Unaware of the sacrifices that came with that responsibility

Now they are just pictures in frames
That we can glance at when we have a moment
Remembering all the fun we had when life was still carefree and fun

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
7 February 2020

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