Meant to Fall

Conversations that flow so freely
A never ending cycle of topics
Never getting bored even when no word is said
A call full of smiles and a distant comfort

Feeling of being fulfilled while staring across these screens
Wishing there was nothing separating us at all
A connection I have been wishing for yet terrified to receive
Afraid it will slip through my hands or be nothing more than an illusion

Knowing I could fall for you, I try my best to relax
To trust the process and allow the higher ups to align everything just right
Yet it is hard not to spill these weird feelings forming inside of me
Constantly overthinking what I should do and what move to make

Catching myself smiling when I think of you
Finding myself becoming more attracted to you with each conversation
Experiencing an understanding I have never felt before
Feeling safe for the first time, opening up has never been so easy

Yet still afraid of being fooled once again
Wondering if karma has one more blow to give
Stealing away any glimpse of happiness away
The overthinking cycle sets in deeper with each breath as I rake my brain for any sign
That I can relax for once

©Writing the Rose
19 December 2020

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