Longing for Love

Longing for romance
Found only in romantic comedies
Wanting someone near

Dreaming of sensual kisses
Setting the scene for a night of bedtime play
Candles creating the perfect ambience

Arms wrapped tightly around me
The scent of him intoxicating
My senses in ecstasy

Your body against mine
Feeling like home
There is no place I’d rather be

Fighting for the blanket
Slyly cuddling closer next to you
Falling into our shared dream land

Not wanting to fall asleep
Cherishing every moment with you
Lost in our reality

Stealing kisses from your plump lips
Running my fingers up and down your spine
As you are holding me tight

Talking through the night
No subject off limits
Your voice piercing my ears sensually

Lying next to you
Starring in your eyes
Seeing into your energy

Not wanting to part
Finding every excuse not to move
Dreading that this chance won’t come again

A kiss goodbye I no longer want
I long for the see you later moments
Knowing my search is over

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
7 February 2020

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