Last Wish

Choices he made affect her now
The games played for years
Have damaged her once secure self

Cheating and fallacies he gave her
Broke her into a shell of herself
Taking a blade against her soul

Numb to her whole situation
All she wants is a legitimate escape plan
One that has zero chance of being faltered

Staring into the emptiness of the sky
She exhales her exhaustion into the universe
Hoping someone will heed her call

Worried that she will be stuck in this cycle forever
Depression sets in deeper stealing her hope away
Hopelessness and anxiety overpowering her positivity

Unable to decide which path to take
She makes a drastic decision
Throwing her damaged body into the subzero lake

Her last wish is that she won’t be found
That no one notices she is missing
Until her heart stops beating and she is dead

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
7 February 2020

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