Couples everywhere holding hands
Exchanging glances as they shop
Laughing with each other
Wrapped in each other’s existence

Loneliness creeping in at this scene
On the brink of tears due to my sense of inferiority
How I long for this scenario
To belong to me

Walking hand in hand with a lover
Overly engaged with each other
Not noticing the others around us
Only the two of us existing in our own world

Longing to have someone to spend my days with
Making them better with just their presence
Wrapped in their warm embrace after a long day
It is a dream I keep waiting to come true

Rushing through stores to avoid the happiness around
Trying to be happy for them
Yet my selfishness and longing makes it impossible
My jealousy can be seen from afar

In the month for lovers
I stand alone
Waiting for someone to call my own
Hoping that day is not too far away

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
1 February 2020

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