Dim the lights
Light the candles
Satin sheets illuminated against the light
A scent so sweet luring you in

Red lace giving sneak peeks
Bodies embraced by the sheets
As passion overflows in the room
Sound of raindrops outside creating the perfect ambience

Soft music playing to heighten the mood
Moans of pleasure lightly heard in the night
Intoxicated by the touch of each other
Driven wild by the pheromones of the other

Chemistry creating explosions
Heart racing and blood overflowing
Senses on overdrive as the night goes on
Perspiration increasing as the seduction increases

Shadows of their bodies posted on the walls
Creating an erotic scene
Arching backs in pleasure and excitement
A night they soon won’t forget

Long drawn out kisses and bites on the neck
Hair pulled to the side while they dive in
Scent of sex engulfing the room
As they both get closer to climax

A night so passionate it should never end
Lasting forever enjoying every second
Wrapped in each other’s company
The world around them no longer exists

©Writing the Rose
30 January 2020

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