Hopeless Dream

Take my hand
Let’s walk down the street
Stealing glances as we pass others by
Laughing and smiling the whole way to our destination

Let’s banter and talk nonsense
Getting lost in the moment
Letting all our worries melt away
Just like we have been told it is supposed to be

Your smell intoxicating my mind
Imprinting itself so I remember you at the most random moments
Your arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer
Making me feel the proudness you feel to be seen with me

Cracking jokes and acting silly to make you smile
Making sure the time spent together is pleasant and free from drama
Saying hi to those we meet on these streets
Taking a seat and getting lost in conversation

Gazing into each other’s eyes trying to figure out what the other is thinking
Going in for the kiss and the long embrace
Spending the day enjoying each other’s company
Until the alarm rings and you realize it was just another hopeless romantic dream

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
30 January 2020

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