History Repeats Itself

Remembering a better time
When days were full of smiles
Not the worry aging everyone’s face

Where a trip to the store
Wasn’t a matter of life or death
Just an everyday errand we took for granted

Having the freedom to come and go
Now restricted to our homes
In order to flatten the curve

Leaders lies and politics easily ignored
Now the fallacies are ending lives
Division of the country on full display

Self-absorbed and greed amplified
Turning against one another at a crucial time
Unity nowhere to be found

Fake news shouted out like a broken record
Doctors begging for people to listen
We are writing the story of our own self destruction

History books will warn of lessons
We didn’t remember from the past
Hoping future generations won’t make the same mistakes, our ending coming fast

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
26 March 2020

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