Her Play

Standing over the lifeless body
Licking the blade clean
Running the warm blood over her chest
Seductively moaning begins as her senses awaken

The terror in your eyes makes her thirsty
She smiles showing off her fangs
The pounding of your carotid
Hypnotizing her violet eyes

The smell of blood overwhelming
Nausea getting the better of you
Tossing entrails to your feet
The stench take hold and you heave

Your response makes her desire skyrocket
Lifting your head, she licks your forehead
Tasting fear, her body shudders
Forcing your hands on her bosom

Resisting makes her take a bite
She looks in your eyes as she drains you clean
Laughing as your body falls
Simply whispering as your soul starts to ascend

“Such promise wasted away.”
“Silly mortal I only wanted to play”
Taking one last taste
She returns to her next awaiting prey

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
11 December 2020

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