Chaos Outside

The world seems to be falling apart all around us
So much chaos being unleashed
Unsure who to believe or if the figures line up
24/7 new has our minds on overdrive

Anxiety on overdrive
Afraid every day is your last
Panicking at any new symptom experienced
Terrified to walk outside your house

Screaming at those not listening through your tv screen
Headaches overtaking your once peaceful brain
Overwhelmed and unsure how this will end
Scenarios running through the mind constantly

Days run into one another
Only defined by sunrise and sunset
Everything else a blur of chaos or unending boredom
Holding out for the day when this all ends

When humanity is restored, and life gets better
When the fighting of nations stop, and you watch them come together for the greater good
Until that moment you sit in your room holding onto your sanity
As the insanity of the world surrounds you on every side

©Writing the Rose
Sarah Do
26 March 2020

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