Year in Review

In a year of total dismay
There were glimmering signs of hope
People who walked into my life I never thought I would meet
People who walked away I was glad to see leave

In a year full of hopelessness
I found a way to thrive
A way to survive
A way to grow stronger

Stuck in a room with only four walls
While the world crumbled outside
I found peace and comfort in myself
For the first time I felt myself becoming whole

Gaining enlightenment, I had lost touch with
I garnered the strength I had been building for years
Finally putting in the work and letting go of the fears
That had been holding me back

A year full of tragedy
Turned into a year of strength and personal growth
Letting go of toxicity and moving forward
A year that in the end wasn’t all bad

©Writing the Rose
30 December 2020

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