Unforeseen ending

Institutions and traveling with masks
Endless nights on the phone begging for help
Feeling lost and broken
I found a way to survive

Screaming internally while smiling on the outside
Praying things would get better if I just held on
The world being destroyed all around me
I held my breath and took my stand in this fight

Letting go of anxiety and fears and taking control of life
I stated a journey I never imagined I would ever let myself experience
Giving up the words of self-doubt long enough to rediscover a gift
I had put on the shelf and ignored for far too long

Driving myself back to being a shade of happy
Able to finally push the darkness down further as each day passed
Running forward toward any light in the distance
No longer afraid to take the chances and risks I had always avoided

Feeling a new beginning on the precipice
No longer chained by my past
A year of struggle and near break downs
Yielded the biggest turn around

©Writing the Rose
30 December 2020

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