Arriving at the Other Side

Pull the veil over my eyes
Blinded by the rage boiling over inside
Hold me tight while I feel like dying
Tell me everything will be alright as the tears pour from the inside

Keep me blinded while the world falls apart around us
Hiding the truth of the disaster from my eyes
Protecting the tormented soul desperately trying to heal inside
Hold me back from falling into the pit of despair

Trusting only your voice to guide me to safety
My life safe in your arms as we venture out of this darkness
Trying to break free of the demons holding us back tight
Finding salvation in one another becoming each other’s light

Pulling the veil over my eyes only to meet yours
A look of ecstasy as our smiles widen
Friends and families in utter awe of our change
As we pledge to keep each other in this light for the rest of our lives

©Writing the Rose
13 December 2020

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