Waves crashing
Ocean breeze
Seagulls squawking
Sand on my knees

Clean air
Not a care
Lost in the scene
Feeling serene

Sunlight dancing on the water
Dolphins jumping above the surface
Warmth pouring down on me
Getting lost in this tranquil dream

Stress melting away
Mind and body healing
Entering a trance
Unable to change my physical stance

The vastness of the sea
Drawing me in to a new reality
I feel like I am watching myself
My conscious observing my human form

Feeling at one with nature
Never wanting to leave her side
Feeling connected to the earth
My soul locked in this spiritual gaze

Forgetting all the negativity I stay still
Time and space no longer matter
This experience too precious to release
Allowing myself to stay here forever

Sunlight turning to sunset
Purples and yellow dance on the clear blue ocean
Waves hitting my feet awakening me
Glancing around I wonder if it was just a dream

The calm experienced was amazing
Wanting to return back to that state
Staring into the vastness of the ocean
Melting all the stresses and worry away from me

©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019

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