The Room

Drama and the lies
Is anyone real in this place?
It all feels like a game
To prove who is the most desperate

Sexy pictures posted at the mere mention
Where is your self-respect?
Throwing yourself at anyone who gives you the time of day
Your standards going out the window

At their beck and call
You are losing yourself
Why don’t you step outside?
Enjoy the real world

These people will not be there for you like you think
They are just deceiving you to obtain their wants
Preying on your insecurity and weaknesses
Ones you gave them as weapons against you when you trusted them

They have been holding onto them
Waiting for just the right moment to pull them out of their arsenal
You won’t see it coming when it happens
It will be most unexpected

Be careful with the words you say
They are reading them everyday
Using them against you
Making fun of you in secret

Watch out putting your thirst on display
Others will take advantage of your willingness to please
They will become greedy if you give in to them
Demanding more and more from you becoming insatiable

Take time away from here
There is more to life than a computer screen
Get out and enjoy yourself
Don’t let this be the soul sucker that changes you

Stop being so nice to everyone
Not all have your best interest at heart
Most are looking out for themselves
Not concerned about your feelings at all

Be smarter when in this room
The line between enemies and friends has not been drawn clear
Your moments of loneliness has proven that
When you reach out to the wrong person, the one who has no shame taking you down
Be better at deciphering between fantasy and reality
Only then will you heal have the courage to leave
This room that is killing your self-esteem deficit

©Writing the Rose
6 September 2019

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