Open fields of life filling the void
Vast mountains giving us scenery for miles
During this road I am surrounded
By the beauty of the place I call home

Sunsets that engulf us with shades of amber and violet
Puffy white cotton ball clouds fill the sky on the clearest day
Wind bringing the breeze that literally blows you away
All of these images that can be seen in a day

Looking out my window and watching the sunrise
I feel lucky to be able to experience this every day
When the night falls and everything goes black
The noises of animals and crickets is all that is left

Nights full of silence, you won’t find gunshots here
The quiet is almost boring and I sometimes long for the excitement the city brings
The bright lights and the sirens on every street
However, I don’t miss the surplus of crimes scenes

So, while this place may drive me crazy
The lack of culture and adventure
I can sill appreciate the quiet it possesses
Even if I feel stuck like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
Just wanting to go home wherever that may be

©Writing the Rose
28 August 2019

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