Internet Troll

Does it make you feel better to tear me down
Do you feel a sense of power when you do that
Your words that mean nothing to me
Your opinions that have no weight on me

You really think I would let some internet trolls try and bring me down
You all act like you know me
Yet none of you have even tried to break through my barriers
I am not an idiot, you didn’t get a real version

I am too guarded to be open with a lot of people
The joke is on those who believed every word that was said
I am not going to unload the truth of my life on strangers
For them to try and use the information against me later

I protect myself better than that
So, say what you want and try to tear me down
You only know one version of me that is not even the real me
That me is saved for the lucky few I let in

So, spew your venoms in the other room
Call me names and try to decipher how I really am
It is so much easier than actually investing the time in people
So, keep on with your game

Your comments are actually hilarious
Considering the factuality makes no sense
The life I lead so busy
I wish I had the time for all the things you allege I do

Get over yourselves please and take a look in the mirror
If your self confidence is so low you have to pick me apart
You need to take a good look and work on yourself
I hope one day you get back to happiness, so you no longer have to cut others down for fun anymore
©Writing the Rose
10 September 2019

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