Sitting in a room alone feeling crowded
The voices in the head screaming again
Yelling louder to try and drown them out
Nothing seems to be working anymore

Locking yourself in a vault seems plausible
Until they learn the combination
Escaping is near impossible
Locked in this cell with the voices lying once again

Blood curling screams deafening your ear drums
Goosebumps forming as the fear sets in
Four walls don’t surround
Yet you are trapped with nowhere to run

Grabbing anything you can find
You try and mute the sound
Another dying night in this purgatory
Balancing between the living and the dead

The voices deceiving you once more
Getting louder and louder to an almost unbearable volume
Not much more can you take
Before giving in and doing what they say or ending it all

Locked down against your will
You struggle to stay above water
Slowly slipping you do all in your power not to succumb
To demons powerfully dragging you down

©Writing the Rose
27 August 2019

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