Erotica, poetry


Sensually staring into his eyes
Wanting to run my hands through his hair and kiss his lips
Longing to have him in my grasp
Seducing him into complete submission

Feeling his every inch inside of me
While I drag my fingernails down his firmly toned back and butt
Our bodies entangled and experiencing complete bliss
The room filling with the heat of our encounter

His eyes piercing into my soul
While he takes me to the next level
Constantly pushing my body to the edge
Orgasms coming nonstop and throwing my body into overload

Our sweat mixing and creating a pheromone so strong
It makes others turn our way
Our addiction to each other’s pleasure
Empowering our experience

The taste of his lips driving me wild
I can’t help but grab him closer with each thrust
I let him take me from every position
I want him to taste and touch all of me

He is pushing my body to its limits
While teaching my mind to disconnect to allow further exploration
I follow into his lead
Submitting and letting him take me as he wishes

He pushes me with every position
Pulling my hair from behind as he pounds me
I scream in ecstasy as another orgasms
Causes a flood over his erect cock

He enjoys the experience
As a sly smile spreads across his face
His punishments I don’t want them to end
This pure bliss I am feeling I hope he never takes away

How will I go on after this experience
When he seems to know how to tease me perfectly
Longing for him to continue on
I wake up from this dream

©Writing the Rose
18 August 2019

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