Death of Lovers

Music chimes as time goes by
All the people cheer at the sheer thrill of being alive
They can’t look past the fact that she died
She took her own life

She was their queen
She was their everything
She had to leave
Only she knew why

As the carriage ran past
The one she loved held fast
He ran with her there
Until it was almost unfair

He pulled out the bottle
Slowly he took the last sip
Of the elixir he made to put him and his dear love
Back together again

No one saw him
As he took his position
They all just stared at the coffin being passed down the streets
Far past the hour of heat

They all screamed and fainted
While he sat there tainted
They all wanted to turn back time
When he sat waiting for his ride

The ghost of death had been placed over their town
They all just looked away
They lost their princess
They never thought about their prince

The clock struck the hour
His time was up
Whatever he wanted to say
Was never heard
He walked up to her coffin and opened it
He took out her hand and grasped it
As he gasped and took his last breath

They all just gasped and screamed
What a fiend
As the prince fell down onto the ground
That later became his grave

They stopped then to glance around
At the prince who had stood his ground
He died of heartbreak they would all say
Why he really died laid within his eyes

©Writing the Rose
11 October 2002

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