Stealing and changing the meaning
Objectifying me like a piece of meat
I am not here for your sexual needs
I am a human being deserving of respect

Taking a picture because I refuse to post a new one
How low can you be
I am not an object you can just throw around
I don’t give you permission to treat me this way

Stop fantasizing about me and calling me out
I don’t want this attention so please leave me alone
Stop taking my pics for your own personal use
I didn’t post them for your use

Feeling violated and disgusted I want to cry
At my stupidity and naivety thinking I could post innocently
Rather you have destroyed my trust once again
Feeling regret for trusting once again

Destroying my sense of safety, I retreat
I will be taking a break to collect the pieces of my pride
Putting this puzzle of my self confidence back together piece by piece
Until I can hold my head up high and not feel violated by your words again

I will be gathering my strength and start to heal
Learning a lesson from the mistakes of my past
Re-engaging with myself and those around me
Trying to heal from your actions

Violated by your actions and disrespect due to what you thought was a joke
Making me feel like once again I am just an object
Not deserving respect or the right to privacy
Feeling violated I must run away

I must wait for these feelings to pass
I wait for the day you no longer objectify me
I will hope you learned you lesson
So, you never violate me again


©Writing the Rose
1 September 2019


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