Take my hand
Let’s run away from this place
Replace those frowns with smiles
Pain fading away like a distant memory

Let me take to a magical land
Where you will never have to worry again
About if you will eat or starve
If you can live or survive

A place where everyone will accept you
No one ever feeling like they don’t belong
A society that mimics a complete utopia
I promise all will be okay if you follow me there

Life has filled you with doubts and I can see that
You are unable to trust, and you don’t want to try
We have to take this first step
To get anywhere away from this dark life

I can see the pain behind your eyes
The tortured soul they are protecting is trying to scream out for help
Let me take you someplace where you will finally feel at peace
A place that heals souls instead of destroying them further

Walls built around it to keep anything bad outside
We keep our citizens protected from any future pain
Healing and thriving are our only objectives
I promise you can trust your life in my hands

So, take my hand and please follow me
I only have so much time until the gates close
It’s nearing midnight and I know you want to escape
So, take my hand and lets get you out of this place

©Writing the Rose
27 August 2019

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