poetry, Relationships


I feel myself slipping down into the web of this digital land
I can barely recognize myself anymore and feel so out of control
I can’t seem to stop falling further and further into this black hole
I have to leave before I can no longer escape

My mind becoming a darker place, conversations taking me back to bad memories
Judgment swirling and pressure to fit in growing immensely
I can’t spend my days staring at this screen trying to keep up
With today’s latest soap opera or roasting scene

This place was supposed to be an escape
Somewhere to kill time when I was bored or couldn’t sleep
Now it is something stronger than that
It has become a force unseen

Tearing into my self-esteem and confidence I am growing tired
Feeling worse about myself with each sentence I read and send
I need to run away before I fall into the prey of this scheme
I am better than this nonsense

I don’t need people’s approval to know who I am or what I deserve
I don’t need constant judgment and teasing to try and get me to cave in
I have spent far too many years becoming a better person
To be dragged back down into my pits of darkness by a group of people I will never meet

Banter and playful conversations used to disguise your true intentions
To gain information to use against me later
Nothing I say is safe, nothing I post remains in its place
Pictures being stolen and posted for others without my knowledge, all of this driving me away

So, I am logging off and walking away
I need to find a place that makes me happy again
A place where I can be productive and have fun at the same time
This place is not it because it is taking me to feel like I am at my last line

I am saying goodbye to all the drama and the lies
The judgement I can feel it in your eyes
I need to go back to crushing my goals in life
Instead of sitting on this website looking at digital lies


©Writing the Rose
4 September 2019

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