Everything said was a lie

Sold a dream based on fairytales unimaginable in reality

Every word was perfectly crafted

Like a suspenseful moment, hanging on every word


The look you gave me I will never forget

I thought it was full of love but really it was pure deception

I am glad I caught myself before

Falling further into your trap



Every text you sent was from a movie

It was exactly what I wanted to hear

I thought we were meant to be

I thought your feelings were true


I never thought one person’s opinion could change your mind overnight

That you were so easily swayed

Save your weak attempts at seeming sad

When you were never honest to begin with


You showed me in an instant that you were weaker than you appear

You barely knew me but you let another set your opinion

Making judgments without a basis other than bias

Trying to turn me into a person I am not so it would be easier for you to walk away


Everything was lies with you

I felt like I was living in a Korean drama without the fairy tale ending

You were never going to take my side

Your feelings were never real


I hope the lies served you well

I hope you learned a valuable lesson

For the sake of the next I hope you grow a backbone

Or you will never find true happiness if you let another decide it for yourself



©Writing the Rose


17 February 2019





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