University Affairs

Disclaimer: This is erotica and should be viewed by those able to handle such subjects.

University Affairs


          Standing in front of a class of students, Mr. Lee was lecturing about his latest lesson in Advancements in Medical Technology. Abigail was just a spectator in his lecture hall, sitting in the middle of the room looking down in a mindless gaze. She only took this class as an elective to fill a credit and had no interest in the course material. Honestly, she was just using this class as an excuse to get close to the professor. She had always had a teacher fantasy and was hoping he would fulfill it or, so she wished.

He was a strikingly handsome specimen of the male species. His quirky smile was the first thing she encountered while walking the university halls. It was the first week back from summer break and as always, Abigail was on her phone not paying attention when she bumped into him. That was when she first heard his sexy voice. The voice that sent shivers down her spine and made sitting across the room from him pure torture. All she could think about while he was speaking was kissing his soft supple lips and running her hands through his black hair. Her thighs quivered with the image of that in her mind and she bit down passionately on her pen.

She tried so hard to focus on the course material but with every step and movement of his muscular physique, she sunk deeper into her fantasy. He looked like a work of living art. Mr. Lee was six feet, one inches tall with freshly tanned skin that accentuated his muscles that drove her crazy. He had piercing brown eyes that seemed to see past the physical and straight thru to the soul. His well sculpted face and jaw line lead the way to a beautifully defined collarbone and sexy shoulders. Abigail knew just by looking that he would have the strength to pick her up and pin her against the wall that his PowerPoint notes were being projected. His wide shoulders led to a toned back that would make any women’s fantasy, it was pure projection. His back was made sexier by the firm ass that that led to his muscular and well sculpted legs. The front of him was also a visual masterpiece. His toned abs could be seen clinging to his dress shirt and she could only image seeing his well-defined V-cut that led to the cock that was the lead in all her fantasies. The image of ripping off his dress shirt and pressing her body up against his was driving her wild. She began to feel herself get excited and squirmed in her seat more. Just as she felt herself beginning to lose control of her thoughts, she heard his sexy bedroom voice break in and say, “that is all for lesson four, make sure to turn in your papers by the end of the day Friday.”

“Paper, what paper?” She had been so obsessed with her fantasy that she had no clue what he had been saying. As the students left the room and the lecture hall became empty, she knew she had no choice but to walk up to Mr. Lee and admit to her failure to pay attention. The mere thought of talking to him alone was terrifying and yet she was getting more turned on by the minute.

She gathered her books and walked down the lecture room steps to the center of the room where he was standing. When she reached the center, she froze. All the erotic thoughts were rushing in her head and she couldn’t control her body’s reactions anymore. She just stood there biting her pen and staring at him. She forgot he was standing directly in front of her until he busted into her mind abruptly. “Can I help you?” he asked. She couldn’t comprehend a word he was saying so she continued to stare blankly at him. “Did you have a question? I don’t mean to be rude, but I do have another class, so if there is nothing you need, then I am going to excuse myself.” He turned to leave and in a split-second Abigail came back to reality and said “wait” loudly. “Yes?” he said turning around. She stepped closer to him and said, “I need this!” She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled herself closer to him and kissed him in an instant.

The kiss took him by surprise as he jumped back in shock. “I think you are confused. I asked if you had a question, not for a kiss.” “I’m not confused. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Every class period I can’t focus and can only look and stare at your lips imagining how I want them kissing my pussy that you make dripping wet. I want you to use that tongue of yours to taste every inch of me and bring my body to the brink of exhaustion from exploding from your pleasure.” He just stared at her. He didn’t know what to think. Here was this student standing in front of him and he couldn’t deny that this five-foot five-inch woman with curves in all the right places and sun kissed skin was sexy and here she was telling him she wanted him pleasuring her with his tongue. He felt an electric shock shoot through his body and his flaccid state quickly erected. He stared at her and started thinking of all the bad things he wanted to do to her suddenly.

“Come here,” he said grabbing Abigail by her toned shoulders that were exposed by her off-the-shoulder tunic that framed her body in all the right places. He pulled her closer and titled her chin up to his face and kissed her pink stained lips. Her lips were so soft, and the kiss was so electric that he wrapped his other arm around her back and pulled her in tightly. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and the passion of their kiss overflowed getting weak in her knees and her ankles began to quiver in her high heels. The kiss was more intense than she could have ever imagined.

Her panties were quickly getting soaked and she began to press her hips closer to his. She could feel him becoming more and more excited as the bulge in his pants began to grow. She started to unzip his pants and reach her hand to pull out his erect cock when he stopped her. He grabbed her arm and pushed her up against the wall. Pinned with her hands above her head, he started kissing her neck. He grabbed her face to say, “if you move your arms, you are going to be severely punished.” Abigail nodded. He slipped her shirt over her head and used her shirt to tie her hands behind her back. She stood there in her black lace bra, her pink erect nipples poking through. He ripped off her bra and engulfed one of her C cup breasts with his mouth while pinching the nipple of the other. He sucked her erect nipples so intensely it caused her to moan out in pleasure. He loved the reaction and grabbed the other breast, pushed her harder back and slightly bit her nipple. She was going crazy not being able to move that she made a mistake and a hand broke free.

Mr. Lee stopped abruptly. “I told you that you would be punished if you moved your arms.” The look in his soulful eyes changed to that of an animal about to attack its prey. He picked her up and forcefully put her on top of his desk. He pulled her black mini skirt down to her ankles and at the site of her soaked panties he smiled wickedly. “You really want this punishment, don’t you?” “Yes, Mr., Lee” she moaned. “You call me master, slut.” “Yes master!” He ripped off her thong and saw her shaven pussy glistening. It turned him on even more. He threw off his dress shirt and dove in to her tight pink pussy tongue first. He thrust his tongue so deep inside her, it caused her to pull away. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to his face. She was moaning in pleasure as he started playing with her clit. The pleasure was almost too much as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her thighs started to tense up as she felt herself about to reach climax. “I’m going to cum,” she screamed. He pulled his tongue out and met her face to face to say aggressively, “No, you are not allowed to cum until I am ready for you to cum!”

He pulled her off the desk and pushed her to the floor. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers to expose his erect cock. She was face to face with the hard cock of the man she had wanted. He pulled her face up, “open now slut.” She opened, and he shoved all seven inches of his pulsating cock into her mouth. She could barely keep from chocking on his glorious member. He grabbed her by the head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. He got off on the chocking sounds and gagging. “Choke on my cock slut! This is what you wanted. Take all of it!” He thrusted his hips and pushed his cock further inside. She couldn’t take much more. Her mouth was so full, she found it hard to breath. Taking mercy on her, he pulled out his hard cock now covered with her saliva and bent her over his desk. He shoved his erect cock into her tight wet pink pussy. Abigail moaned out in pleasure. Mr. Lee pounded her from behind while holding tightly onto her hips. The sounds of his pelvis hitting her ass echoed through the lecture hall, which made him fuck her that much harder. In and out of her tight pussy, faster, and faster. He would only pull out for small breaks to tease her orgasm. She couldn’t contain her excitement. Her tight pussy was dripping all over his throbbing cock. The wetter she got, the harder he fucked her. Her tight pussy felt like a boa constrictor on his cock and his breathing started to change. He could no longer hide his moans and Abigail smiled slyly when she heard them. She knew he wanted this just as much as her.

“Fuck me harder! I want to cum all over you! By the way, can I get an extension on the paper?” “The Master gives the orders, not the slut!” he retorted. He spanked her ass and grabbed tighter onto her hips. He was so deep that she could almost taste it. His cock was throbbing, and it was getting stronger by the minute. He pushed her further down on the desk and pulled her ass higher and closer. He felt himself getting closer to climax. “Cum now, slut” he screamed. Abigail let herself go. Her tight pink pussy flooded with cum causing him to explode inside her. Halfway through he pulled out and shot his cum all over her back and ass. His orgasm had never been so powerful, and his cock throbbed as every drop fell.

“Clean me off slut,” he said and forced his cock inside her mouth. She sucked off both her and his cum. She had never tasted something so delicious in her life. “Get dressed, I have a class” he told her. She threw her mini skirt and shirt back on and balled up her wet panties and bra into her book. Mr. Lee put himself back together so fast, it seemed like this was a regular occurrence for him. On the way out of the class he said, “that was fun and will be our little secret.” “It definitely was better than my fantasy” Abigail replied. As she was about to walk out the lecture hall and students began filing in he reminded her. “Don’t forget your paper is still due Friday” winking at her.



©Writing the Rose


25 June 2018

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