Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

You too will stand again from the hurt of the past

You will be able to spread your wings and fly away

To the place you are meant to be


There will be a rebirth for you

That can be assured

The past may have been ugly but when the chains break off

There will be nothing but greatness awaiting


Everything you dreamed of has always been possible

Your eyes were just closed to the opportunities that would bring you closer

Charismatic beings spewing nothing but twisted lies to draw you in

They were determined to keep you trapped


Now you will be free from them

Don’t turn and look back, nothing good is behind you

Only moving forward will bring you closer

To everything your heart has desired


Turn off the voices in your head

Stand tall and walk forward

Forget everything you have been told

Your future awaits through that door



©Writing the Rose


3 January 2019

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