Staring out into the expanded world

Oceans crashing on the shore

Getting lost in the reflection of the sun dancing off the water

Creating pockets of crystal that sparkle like diamonds


Standing in a trance admiring the beauty

Only the sound of the waves reaching the eardrums

Lost in an almost dream like sequence

The feeling of euphoria spreading through the body


Feeling an undeniable calm

As the water washes over the feet

Washing away all the stress and worries of the everyday

Escaping to a separate reality


Getting lost in the vastness of the ocean

Losing track of time as the sunset appears

Watching orange and pink dancing over the gorgeous background

Creating a picturesque existence


The breeze from the ocean

Cooling off the heat of the day

Parting will be such sorrow

For this beauty is where I would rather stay


©Writing the Rose


2 January 2019

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