New Year, New You?

So today marked the start of a new year and it got me thinking about the common phrase used, “new year, new you.” I got to thinking was there any truth to that. I mean when I woke up this morning, I was the same person who went to bed last night. It was just a new day that just happened to mark the start of the new year. My kids hadn’t miraculously learned to clean up after themselves and do laundry by themselves. In fact, they were rowdier than ever. So when I woke up, everything was exactly the same.

So why this phrase? Is it to motivate us to be better in the new year or is it just another one of those things that people say? In all honesty, I have no idea. I just don’t like that it is used like it is because it gives the illusion that you will magically change just because the year of the calendar does. I mean, it is a miracle if I can even remember to write the new year within the first month, let alone, become a new person. So I feel like it should be changed to new year, new chances.

A new year brings about new opportunities and chances in life. You have the chance to change habits and you get new opportunities that will fill the year and will impact how you view it at the end. You get the chance to work harder to achieve goals. So while you are still the same person, your new opportunities will obviously shape you in some way.

All I am saying is a new year will not change who you are. Just like there is no magic pill to lose weight, there is no way a calendar change is going to change you into a completely new version of yourself. A new year is simply that..a new year. So you can choose what to do with it. If you want to use the year to make yourself better, find true, love, etc, you are now granted that opportunity to find it this year. However, don’t be fooled that you aren’t the same person you were 18 hours ago when the clock struck midnight.

Use this year to your full advantage. Take the path that works best for you. Fulfill the goals you have given yourself. Make the best of this life. I hope all your goals and aspirations come true this year, and if not, remember there is always the year after next. Though I really hope you won’t have to wait that long.
©Writing the Rose

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