Letting You In

If you could see everything

That goes on behind

These piercing green eyes

Would you like me more or run scared?


Would the thoughts swirling

Be too much for you to take

Would my thoughts of you scare you

Or draw you closer


You say you wish

You could be inside my mind

However, what you don’t know

You are always in my mind


The thoughts of you

Driving me crazy

Afraid to let you in

For fear of being too vulnerable


The look in my eyes

When I see you

Should show you what goes on in my head

When I am talking with you


My mind can be almost too much

I want to let you in

I don’t want to scare you away

So forgive me if I keep you locked out for awhile

I want to let you in

I want you to see what makes me tick

I want to share this mind of mine

With you


I want you to stare

Into my entrancing emerald eyes

Seeing my soul lying beneath

Allowing myself to be vulnerable to you


My soul exposed

Allowing you to see everything about me

The good, bad, beautiful, and ugly

Giving over full control to you


Allowing you to decide

Whether you stay or run

Finally letting you

In my mind like you desire



©Writing the Rose


22 July 2018



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