Fall Into Me

Fall into me

Give me all your worry

Let me take your pain away


Tell me your secrets

I will be your safe

Lay your burdens down


Unleash your inner thoughts

I will never judge

Let me see the real you


Give me your fears

I will turn them into strengths

We can conquer anything together


Close your eyes

Let me be your guide

Through this life


Show me your tears

What makes you hurt

I will take it all away


Give me your embrace

I will make you feel safe

With me in your arms


Take my hand

We will walk this path together

Keeping each other safe


Give me your all

I will do the same

Unleash our vulnerability to one another


Give me your smile

I’ll keep any pain away

Protecting you from the obscene


Give me your heart

I will show you a love like never before

The one you have been longing for


Give me all of you

I will give you all of me

Together fulfilling a destiny



©Writing the Rose


22 July 2018



1 thought on “Fall Into Me”

  1. I liked the repition of “give me” and your title made me think of a Mazzy Star song ‘Fade into you’ so I had that playing in the back of my mind as I read it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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