Days tick by

You’re still not next to me

I long to hold you

I long to smell your scent


I want you arms wrapped around me

I want to feel safe with you

Kissing those lips

That tease me daily


Listening to your voice

Exposing your inner thoughts and desires

Learning more about you

While getting lost in your eyes


Feeling your heart beat

Sync up to mine

My head on your chest

Our fingers intertwined


Constant smiles

Small giggles

Cracking jokes

Only the two of us will understand


Running my hands through your hair

As we kiss passionately

Ignoring time as a whole

Absorbed by one another


I long for the days

These images come out of my head

I long for the day

These images become reality


Every thought of you

Feels like déjà vu

I will continue

To wait for the day

They come true



©Writing the Rose


22 July 2018

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