poetry, Relationships


Looking out into the world

Exploring new senses

She is lost in her mind


Everything around her fades

All she can see

Is who is standing in front of her


Her eyes can’t turn

She can’t explain the feeling

Taking over her being


Her body trembles

To sound of his voice

Her eyes fall to the ground

To avoid his soul stealing gaze


She is entranced

She can’t escape

She has no idea how she got here

She just doesn’t want to leave


She is frozen

She approaches him

Reaching her hand to touch him

She feels nothing but air


He disappears in front of her

The punishment she deserves

Is cruel enough

For her actions bestowed upon him


Emerging from her dreams

Her heart still sinking

The pain almost too great in reality

She prefers the wandering of her dreams




©Writing the Rose


25 August 2018





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