Has already been my weak point

Opening myself

Pouring my soul out is never easy


Meeting you

I desperately want to tell you things

I have never wanted to tell others

I want you to know everything


I hold back

For fear of scaring you away

The words are always on the tip of my tongue

Trying to escape through the other words I say


Sometimes they slip out

You are so good at not drawing attention

You know how I work

You let it slide for my sake


Still there are things I long to say

I know that they are better

Left unsaid

Until we are next to each other


I feel the vulnerability starting to show

I can see yours coming out as well

We both find ourselves slipping

With the words we want to say

Being vulnerable is not

My strong point

Showing my feelings is unheard of

I want to show you mine


I want to be vulnerable to you

I’m willing to accept the consequences

I want to be completely honest and true

With my feelings for you



©Writing the Rose


22 July 2018

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