Always on my Mind

Creeping into my thoughts

All night and day

The slightest thing

Can make me think of you


Waking up

Wishing you were next to me

Going to sleep

Wishing I was wrapped in your embrace


Distracting me all day long

The image of your smile

Racing through my head

Making me miss you


A simple text from you

Makes my day

Hearing your voice on the phone

Gives me a feeling I’ve never experienced before


Seeing your face

I stare in awe

My attraction to you

Growing stronger with each glance


These thoughts distracting

Making simple tasks difficult

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I love these thoughts you’ve implanted in my head

Stay in my mind

Each thought making me want you more

Each moment drawing me closer

To being with you


©Writing the Rose


25 July 2018


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