Hold on

Beautiful girl crying in the corner

Please know it gets better

Please don’t let their cruel words

Ruin your day


This time is temporary

Please find the strength to turn away

Don’t make a mistake you can’t take back

You are loved even if your depression tells you otherwise


Handsome boy rejected for the hundredth time

Please don’t let their blindness

Keep you from seeing your importance

Don’t let rejection be what pushes you over the edge


Keep your head up and keep going

Someone will value your worth

They will be worth the wait

I promise you that


Those who don’t fit in

Please hold on during this turbulent ride

Life is full of ups and downs

Let this be a learning experience


Hold on tight

Look to each other for comfort

You can make it through

High school only last four years

Please don’t let it be the reason

We lose you for the years to come



©Writing the Rose


22 July 2018

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