Metal blade-revised version

I decided to pull out some of my old works from high school. They desperately needed to be edited, so here is one of the first I got finished completing.


Striking metal blade

Feeling the essence on my skin

Makes all this pain disappear


No need to rear you in my skin

To feel better

Metal touching my body is enough


Possessing power over me

Words cannot describe the feeling

When you are so close to me


Making the chills throughout my body disappear

In your comfort I have no fear

Nothing can separate us


Our elements dance in a sensual dream

Sharped ridges against a smooth surface

A cosmic connection we share


A slight shiver runs down my spine

Your ridges running down my fragile skin

Blood bonds us forever

You are the only one I can turn to


Only one who understands my pain

Knows how to relieve all my symptoms

The only friend who truly knows me


Seeing the bad, ugly, and forgotten

You see aspects of my life no else is allowed to see

Parts of my life I keep locked away from the public


You are the one I trust with my secrets

You know what I must do to survive

Slide your sharp edges against my skin

Until you are sure I have died


©Writing the Rose



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