Let Them Go

Let Them Go


Toxic people

Dragging you down

Stealing your joy

Getting off on your tears


Let them go

Send them away

You don’t need them

They are worthless to you anyway


Selfish friends

Never having your back

Throwing you under the bus

To save their face


Blaming needless drama on you

Afraid to look in the mirror

Projecting all their feelings

Making you crazy


Let them go

Walk away

You are stronger without them

Leave them alone


Bad relationships

Cheating males who don’t value your worth

Trying to change the subject

To keep you around


Wanting to have their cake and eat it too

Wandering eyes never looking at only you

Accusations flying left and right

No happiness to be found


Let them go

Don’t look back

Stay on your own path

They aren’t worth your time


Let them go

Smile as they leave your life

Feel your energy and happiness return

Always send the toxic ones away

©Writing the Rose


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